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Best areas for investments in the Internet of Things

Best areas for investments in the Internet of Things

Internet of Things is one of the most rapidly developing areas in the market. According to estimations, this segment costs billions of dollars and will cost trillions by 2020. This offers huge opportunities for investors.

The most attractive IoT technologies for investments

Smart houses

Today you can connect almost all types of home appliances to the Internet and manage them remotely. Users can also adjust heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems by opening the related mobile application on their smartphone. Home appliances "learned" to understand voice commands, making it needless to press buttons.

The demand for smart house technology is growing and will keep growing. If this trend will be followed by the cost reduction of smart devices, then you can get a thriving industry that you should invest in.

Wearable gadgets

The idea of "wearing technologies" is quite old, but year by year, it gains new ways of implementation. Let us recall a smart clock, which is a combination between stylish accessory and portable computer. This is the simplest example of wearable technology, while there are much more sophisticated ones. For example, a belt for monitoring heart work or headphones for fighting insomnia.

The sphere of wearable technologies is among the top priority ones. This is the point where investors will be able to make maximum profit.


Not only smart devices gain popularity, but also the technologies engaged in their creation. All IoT platforms for connecting gadgets, networks for connection between devices and so on are critical for the existence of the Internet of Things. And this is why it makes sense to invest in it.

Security technologies ensuring the safety of the Internet of Things are of the biggest demand in this case. The more gadgets are connected to the Internet, the more information they gather about their owners and the higher the temptation for criminals to take advantage of it. Currently users face similar problems and still there is no effective solution.

for storing data collected by intelligent devices are also of a particular interest to investors. For example, IBM took advantage of the growing demand for IoT and invested in cloud business. Many followed its lead. And that is not surprising. Nowadays, cloud services are the best way to work with IoT devices.

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