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Smart home system installation: where to start

Smart home system installation: where to start

One of the most popular and demanded products based on the Internet of Things technology is a smart home. Why is this system unique and how to install it in your flat?

What is a smart home?

A smart home is the way of automating your dwelling. The product is primarily aimed to make human life simpler and more comfortable removing the need to control many of household processes. A smart home can do many things:

  • control devices that are connected to the system;
  • ensure security;
  • measure and analyze humidity level, temperature;
  • optimize consumption of electricity and other resources.

Full list of capabilities depends on characteristics of a specific system, number of devices, and user preferences. After the installation, a smart home system is capable of anything from voice control to remote access to security systems and indoor cameras. Modern equipment offers simple basic systems for independent assembling.

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Smart home: installation and adjustments

The most important thing to build your own smart home system is a central controller. It is an intelligent control point that unites all smart devices in a single ecosystem. Before making your choice, take into consideration which devices you will use, as it is vital for compatibility of standards. Products of major manufacturers are more optimal in terms of synchronization with other devices, as they support several standards.

There are readymade smart home solutions with the minimum set of functions. They are easy to install on your own and later you are able to add more capabilities and new gadgets. Siemens, Zensys, Crestron release such products.

Basic configuration is mainly intended for small premises, for instance, flats in apartment buildings. In this case, to install a smart home system, you will need to have some knowledge of electronics and operation principles of smart devices.

The disadvantage of readymade solutions is the fact that you are not able to introduce changes in the system. For more accurate operation of your smart home and support of large premises, you should choose component parts separately.

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