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Smart meter for 5000 RUB into each home and all-in-one radio player: Russian and foreign smart news in our digest

Smart meter for 5000 RUB into each home and all-in-one radio player: Russian and foreign smart news in our digest

What is a non-invasive brain-machine interface? Why do car-sharing services require artificial intelligence? Where to buy smart sneakers by Puma? Our news digest answers these questions and reveal other interesting information.

Russia’s citizens may be obliged to install smart meters for 5000 RUB

The Russian authorities are considering a possibility to introduce a bill in spring 2019, binding the population that uses central heating to install smart gas meters. Such devices remotely collect data and send information to service suppliers. A tender winner will be able to earn 130 billion RUB. The largest firm in this sector is Modern Radio Technologies LLC. It is still unknown who will have to pay for purchasing and installing these meters: household managing companies or inhabitants.

US-based CTRL-labs produces bracelet with brain-machine interface

Engineers from CTRL-labs have presented a non-invasive brain-machine interface. The gadget is put on hand, and its electrodes catch impulses moving among human nerve cells. These signals are processed and redirected to other devices. They record, analyze, and even predict hand movements. Such a bracelet will allow its holders, for example, to use various surfaces as a computer keyboard.

Artificial intelligence in Hertz service to assist in renting car

Representatives of Hertz, one of the largest car-sharing companies, assure that a face recognition system will enhance the speed of servicing by 75%. Customers will be able to rent a car in just 30 seconds. In 2019, the company is going to launch 40 robotized services. Besides, one service is already operating at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Georgia. To use the service, clients should sign up to the system of Clear startup, a partner of Hertz. The program is called Hertz’s Gold Plus Rewards.

From 1986 into 2018: reissue of Puma’s smart sneakers

32 years ago, Puma introduced a series of smart shoes. They counted steps, kilometers, and calories burned off during walk. One will be able to examine data by connecting sneakers to a compute using USB cables. In December, the company reissued these shoes, equipping them with Bluetooth. All the information is transferred to a special app designed in the spirit of that time: using 8-bit graphics. A limited edition will include only 86 pairs. Sneakers will be sold in some cities of the USA, Japan, the UK, and Germany.

Russian holding companies to create combined Internet player

Representatives of five Russian media firms are developing a radio player to produce frequencies of various radio channels. Besides, you won’t have to enter their websites. The concept is still being elaborated. The service will likely be presented as a website or an app. Audie series will be available on Internet resources, smartphones, and smart speakers. The project is aimed at increasing the audience and combatingpiracy.

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