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i.Con Smart Condom Will Evaluate Your Sexual Performance

i.Con Smart Condom Will Evaluate Your Sexual Performance

In July 2016, British Condoms has announced the release of i.Con condom – the 1st smart condom in the world. Actually, it is not a condom in its traditional understanding – it is just a special ring which should be put over a standard condom. This ring is what makes it smart.

What can it do?

  • detect syphilis and other diseases;
  • measure thrust velocity;
  • calculate the amount of burnt calories;
  • calculate the amount of sexual acts;
  • measure the temperature and girth;
  • calculate the number of positions.

How does it work?

The ring detects data by utilizing nano-chips and sensors. Then, it connects to a special app via Bluetooth, so all the information will be visually available.

The data from the app can stay anonymous and accessible only to users. For those who want to share the results with others, this option will be available as well.

The ring can be used for 6-8 hours without a charge. It is available only in one size but has a possibility of making adjustments, so it will fit everyone.

The official release of the device was scheduled for the beginning of 2017 but did not take place. After the announcement, i.Con was available for pre-order at the company’s website, however, the buyers were left with nothing.

Currently, the company is planning to start selling i.Con by the end of 2018, so, maybe those interested still have a chance to compete with friends.

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