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Smart home: Easy lighting management system

Smart home: Easy lighting management system

Lighting management is an important part of a smart home that primarily depends on the seamless work of the electrical grid. To avoid problems with that, one should install special management systems. Read further in the article about lighting management and what benefits it brings.

What is smart lighting?

Smart lighting is an intelligent grid that allows managing the lighting in the house. There are various ways to control lighting in smart houses – by using controllers or mobile apps.

Advantages provided by the lighting management systems:

  • Eco-friendliness – smart lighting helps to reduce carbon emission generated by ordinary lamps.
  • Saving – thanks to the round-the-clock management of the lighting system, the increase of the lifetime of lamps, and automatic lighting settings, the potential of energy saving is huge.
  • Security – a lighting management system can act as a supplement to the home security system.

Lighting management: smart home and automation systems

An automation system not only saves time of dwellers but also helps to control electricity costs. One should choose the number, type, and wattage of lamps taking into account:

  • the type of premises (business, domestic);
  • color gamut and interior;
  • level of street lighting, etc.

The lighting management system features also depend on the preferences and taste of the house owners.

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The user can choose the light intensity for every part of the day and night. For instance, the light intensity can be higher in the evening than during the day. The lighting management system can help to create an imitation of the dawn in the house – for those who find it difficult to wake up in the morning. Moreover, the lighting can be adjusted in a way not to disturb those who sleep at night and provide comfortable conditions for those that are awake.

A lighting system in the children’s room will allow turning off the light automatically when a child falls asleep.

The lighting management function also allows dwellers to:

  • control electricity consumption, as the use of the economy mode reduces energy expenditures up to 30%;
  • control lighting in all rooms, by segmenting lighting units in several groups and remotely controlling light from any room;
  • build lighting scenarios using an app. For instance, the Cinema scenario subdues the light in the room;
  • control the lighting outside the house, creating lighting scenarios for paths, the building face, the garden depending on the conditions.
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