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Smart home put its owner in prison. Accidentally

Smart home put its owner in prison. Accidentally

ABC News portal reported the accident. A row burst out in one of the houses in Tijeras village (New Mexico, USA) on July 9. Оwner of the property Eduardo Barros had an argument with his partner. The reasons of the conflict are not specified. In a quarrel, Barros grabbed a gun and pointed it to woman threatening her and her young daughter who also was in the room. Then he asked his girlfriend loudly if she had called the police.

The in-house smart speaker took the last Barros’ phrase for a command, and then automatically dialed the rescue service. The operator heard a loud scream, traced an address by the call and sent a patrol to the place.

They failed to arrest the man in one go. First, the group of negotiators convinced him to let the woman and the girl go. Only then the special forces team managed to arrest the troublemaker. According to ABC News, the woman got hurt slightly, but the girl remained safe.

Today Eduardo Barros is taken into custody and is waiting for a court judgment.

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