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Smart home for cottage and suburban housing

Smart home for cottage and suburban housing

Thanks to the smart home system, it is possible to optimize household processes not only in an apartment or an office building, but also in a country cottage. This is especially useful when you need to remotely manage devices in your house and monitor its security.

The smart home system for cottages is able to address many everyday problems and make staying at a country house comfortable. Depending on the owner’s desire and the size of the building, the smart home system can be assembled from different subsystems and responsible for the required number of processes. Let's consider the main ones.


One of the key functions of a smart home system for a country house is the control over the security of the territory, private premises and engineering and utility services rooms. In this case video surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and opening and closing sensors for doors and locks are used: they all are managed by the system and instantly react to security breaches. Smart home can alert owners about suspicious activity in the room and wait for their decision or it can independently call the guard or turn on the alarm.

There is, for example, a silent mode, when a security service is immediately informed about the break-in, and a noisy one – when light and sound signals turn on.

While people are out of the cottage, the smart home can simulate their presence, by turning on and off light, TV, closing and opening curtains, etc. Smart home also monitors fire safety using smoke sensors.

Light in a smart country house

To control light remotely is not only convenient, but also cost-effective. Smart home system can turn on and off lighting at a certain time and depending on the owners’ presence at the house. It can also adjust the level of lighting and respond to movements (if there is no one in the room for a long time, the light turns off).

In addition, the smart home system fully ensures the safety of electrical appliances, monitors whether the wiring is damaged, and turns off electrical engineering in dangerous situations and notifies owners.

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Heating and climate control

Unlike apartments, suburban home owners have to pay more attention to heating. Care of this issue can be delegated to a smart home system: for example, to connect a boiler or any other heater to the network, and also configure the ability to manage it remotely.

According to the given parameters, a smart house will be able to maintain a certain temperature, monitor the serviceability of the heating system, warm up or cool down the house before the arrival of the owners remotely.

Care of the territory

The possibilities of a smart home system for a country house go beyond the maintenance of the premises: a backyard, garden and even a greenhouse can also be automated. For example, watering lawns and beds, up to automatic activation of watering at a certain level of humidity and air temperature. The system will monitor such aspects as soil fertilization, filling the pool, as well as feeding animals.

Those who want to make their vacation in the cottage more comfortable and convenient, have long appreciated the advantages of smart home system. Moreover, it is possible to adjust modern smart system for personal needs, taking into account the peculiarities of planning, potential risks and personal wishes.

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