March 27, 2019 / Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

Smart windows in Russia. Coming soon

Smart windows in Russia. Coming soon

Russian developers managed to implement the idea nobody in the world had ever hit upon. Well, fantasy writers had it in mind of course, but until just recently, nobody could implement it.

The Kaleva company is getting ready for the mass manufacturing of smart windows – METEOGLASS. Unlike usual windows, they show the outside air temperature right on the glass. So, there is no need to look for the information on the Internet or look for the small thermometer figures anymore – just take a glance at the window

The work of METEOGLASS is based on the electronic circuit with an in-built temperature sensor. It is set inside of the window profile. The circuit is connected to the indicator scale right on the glass. LED scale readings are illuminated.

METEOGLASS displays the temperature in two ways depending on user’s taste. With the first mode, the whole stem of the thermometer is illuminated from the lowest (-30 degrees) to the current point. With the second one, only current temperature is shown.

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