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Smart watches: stylish gadget for kid’s safety

Smart watches: stylish gadget for kid’s safety

What primarily disturbs each parent is child security and well-being. If kids are side by side, mothers and fathers can monitor them and protect from potential threats. But when girls and boys go to school or for a walk, personal control is impossible. In this case, children’s smart watches can help adults. They allow to track routes of their kids, control their physical state, and even listen in if necessary. The article gives more information about smart watches for the youngest users.

What is the purpose of smart watches?

According to ICMEC (International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children), about 8 million children disappear in the world year by year. Based on information by the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, more than 3000 under-16s vanished without a trace in Russia during the first six months of 2018.

One can prevent such a threat by knowing where children are and whom they talk to.

Smart watches can help to keep in contact with kids and trace their movements. It is difficult to lose these gadgets, as they are always put on the user’s hand. These solutions are user-friendly and not expensive. Let’s examine in detail special aspects and features of several devices.

Smart Baby Watch Q50

The gadget has a simple and spectacular design. Such a smart watch is easy-to-use, thus kids aged 3+ can wear it. For example, to call parents, a child will just have to press a single button.

Special aspects: it supports Android and iOS platforms, micro-SIM card, removal sensor, alarm clock, pedometer, phonebook for 10 numbers, SOS button, and OLED display. AlocationisdeterminedbyGPS andLBS.The body is made of plastics and a strap of silicone. The battery capacity is 400 mAh. The device is capable to operate up to 20 hours in active mode.

Features. The device is compatible with the 2G network. Therefore, it can be used for voice calls. The smart watch allows to identify child’s location and examine their route. Using a mobile app, one can specify an area, which the device owner is not allowed to cross. In case of crossing the border, parents will receive a corresponding notification. The gadget can be switched off remotely if necessary.

Smart Baby Watch Q50 is equipped with the SOS button for prompt calls to preselected numbers. A wiretapping option allows parents to listen to everything that happens around the kid.

The smart watch properly interacts with the SeTracker app.

Smart Baby Watch Q90 (Q100)

This model differs from other Q watches in more exquisite design, additional features, and more powerful battery. The device is available in black, blue, violet, and yellow colors.

Special aspects: it supports Android and iOS, Wi-Fi, nano-SIM card, vibro calls, alarm clock, pedometer, watch removal sensor, SOS button, and phonebook for 15 numbers. A location is defined by GPS, AGPS, and LBS. The body is made of plastics and a strap of silicone. The battery capacity is 600 mAh. The active mode operational time is up to 20 hours.

Features. Q90 (Q100) allows to specify a safe area for the gadget holder. The device saves a movement history and helps to monitor kid’s location. It can be used as a common smartphone: for calls, voice and text messages. It has the wiretapping option. There is also an arithmetic game here.

The smart watch comprehensively functions along with the SeTracker app.

FixiTime 3

Design of FixiTime child’s watch by Elari was developed along with founders of Fixiki cartoon. Currently, the line consists of three models. FixiTime 3 is the most functional one.

Special aspects: it features Android and IOS, micro-SIM card, GPS / LBS / Wi-Fi tracking, two cameras, phonebook for 60 numbers, alarm clock, voice chat, removal sensor, accelerometer, humidity and rain protection, pedometer, flashlight, SOS button, and ‘in class’ mode. The body is made of plastics and a strap of silicone. It has a color touch display and 480 mAh battery.

Features. The watch enables incoming and outcoming voice calls, automatic reply, and voice messages. Users can send emoticons on the device. The volume of sound is adjusted remotely, and the camera can be controlled remotely as well (from a connected smartphone). The smart gadget allows to monitor kid’s location, adjust safety areas, hear and see what happens near its owner. One can arrange a schedule for tracking.

The watch is set up using the Elari SafeFamily app.

Elari KidPhone 3G

Not only does this gadget allow to track child’s movements, but the built-in voice assistant will also help your kid to advance. Besides, the device can be connected to 3G networks, providing fast data transfer.

Special aspects: compatibility with Android and IOS, nano-SIM card, Wi-Fi / GPS- / A-GPS / LBS tracking, video communication, audio monitoring, front camera, pedometer integrated with the game, and SOS button. The body is made of plastics and a strap of silicone. It has a color touch display and a battery of 600 mAh capacity.

Features. The device allows to track user’s location, call to other numbers, exchange text/voice messages and emoticons, define safe territories for its owner, adjust the list of permitted contacts, listen to everything that happens around the child, and obtain SOS signals in case of emergency. The camera can be used for video calls and photos.

The smart watch is equipped with a Russian voice assistant – Alice by Yandex. It is able to play brain games with the gadget owner, tell him/her fairytales, and ask riddles.

One should install the Elari SafeFamily app to provide the full-fledged operation of smart watch.

Gator Caref Watch 3

Such a smart watch is designed for both children and adults. It is one of the thinnest gadgets on the market. Its thickness is 13.5 millimeters. The device supports 3G.

Special aspects: compatibility with Android and IOS, nano-SIM card, GSM and GPS modules, Wi-Fi, water protection, wireless charging, removal sensor, voice chat,alarm clock,SOS button, and accelerometer. The battery capacity is 410 mAh. The body is made of plastics and a strap of rubber.

Features. Gator Caref Watch 3 can be used for calls. If its owner activates the SOS mode, the GPS indicator will send device coordinates to the parent’s phone every ten seconds. One can specify secure area radii and monitor kid’s location. The mechanism is able to operate for 120 hours on standby.

The Caref app should be installed in order to connect the device with the parent’s smartphone.

UWatch HW8

This watch has a pretty large set of features that will be useful for both parents and kids. The device is water-proof. Putting it on the hand, the user will be able to dive to a depth of up to one meter.

Special aspects: it supports Android and iOS, Bluetooth, SOS button, loudspeaker mode, pedometer, calculation of steps passed, calorie counter, calendar, alarm clock, and removal sensor. The body is made of plastics and aluminum, and a strap of silicone. The battery capacity is 400mAh.

Features. The smart watch is designed for voice calls, text messages, and remote wiretapping. It allows to send audio messages, call to friends and relatives, and calculate the amount of consumed calories. If the device owner leaves the determined borders, parents will receive a corresponding notification. Moreover, there is a puzzle game.

Aimoto Start

The device by Knopka Zhizni combines options of conventional watches, mobile phone, GPS tracker, and flashlight. Pressing a single button, the user can inform parents of an emergency.

Special aspects: compatibility with Android and IOS, micro-SIMcard, GPS / LBS / A-GPS positioning, removal sensor,SOS button, pedometer, date/time, week days, alarm clock. It has a water-proof touch screen. The battery capacity is 400 mAh.

Features. Aimoto Start is able to define user’s location with an accuracy to six meters. The device app stores a movement history, object’s current location, and the number of completed steps. The gadget can be used for voice calls and text messages. It is equipped with the wiretapping option.

The smart watch can be adjusted via the Knopka911 app.


Today, a smart watch is the best gadget to control kids. Such a device is cheaper than a smartphone. The smart device is always on child’s hand. Thus, it is harder to lose the watch than a mobile phone. Buying a smart watch for their son or daughter, parents will always know where they are and will be aware of their physical activity. At the same time, children will be happy about the technological novelty, as it can be used as a stylish accessory as well as a device for games, development, and communication with relatives and friends.

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