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Kitchen appliances are becoming a leader in Internet of Things

Kitchen appliances are becoming a leader in Internet of Things

Recently, control complexes of municipal systems, transmitters and sensors have been high-priority in the Internet of things sector, but now smart kitchen appliances are becoming more and more relevant. This is proved by the research conducted by Juniper Research, British analytical company. Its specialists have found out that sales growth of this type of goods (defined in the research as “connected household appliances”) will grow from 17 million pieces in 2016 to 202 million in 2021.          

What is the reason for such a rapid growth of smart kitchen popularity? According to Juniper Research, the reason is reducing the cost of connected smart equipment and simplifying this procedure due to Wi-Fi network presenting almost in each house. Furthermore, currently, manufacturers are going to set up kitchen appliances control through mobile applications, simplifying user’s tasks even more. They don’t have to buy any additional devices, examine the manual; they should just download the application on the phone. Besides, manufacturers are aiming to develop multipurpose applications. For instance, Whirlpool has already presented 6th Sense Live system, allowing to control a range of household equipment, such as SupremeCare washing machine, PowerDry dishwasher and Supreme Dual NoFrost Combi fridge, using one mobile service.                       

Talking of fridge, according to Juniper Research specialists, it is the fridge that could be a real control center of the whole kitchen. It can collect information about operation of other appliances and conduct a range of additional options prescribed by users remotely.   

Russia has not yet start selling appliances with remote control via phones. But, apparently, this situation will be changed very soon. Well, LG representatives promise to supply Smart Inverter Mirror conditioners with remote control via phones on the Russian markets in 2017.


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