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Smart bed with motion sensors and smart shelter for stray cats. New IoT products of the week

Smart bed with motion sensors and smart shelter for stray cats. New IoT products of the week

Ford’s smart bed will help couples to solve sleeping problems and why the Russian government needs to provide all citizens with smart meters. Read in our weekly digest about these and other IoT news.

ISO developed a new IIoT security standard

Organization for Standardization (ISO) presented ISO/TR 22100-4:2018 Safety of machinery – Relationship with ISO 12100 – Part 4: Guidance to machinery manufacturers for consideration of related IT-security (cyber security) aspects. This document is designed for the IIoT and includes paragraphs that discuss encryption and authentication.

The standard was developed to extend the existing document that discusses smart industry security (ISO 12100). It primarily aims at reducing risks of cyber-attacks against machinery and IoT systems. ISO/TR 22100-4standard is already available on the official website of the organization.

China developed a smart shelter for cats

China’s firm Baidu invented a unique shelter for stray cats. This compact shelter is equipped with AI system that recognizes cats. There is food, water, and even toys for cats inside. Besides, the mobile shelter maintains relevant temperature to warm up the animals in wintertime.

The AI system can recognize 174 breeds by their face and promptly diagnose whether a cat is ill. If AI detects that the cat needs medical care, it autonomously contacts the team of volunteers.

Ford presented a smart bed for married couples

Ford Motor Company, which regularly releases curious technological novelties for everyday life, developed a smart bed. The prototype checks that a person does not occupy the side of the partner’s mattress and does not wake the partner up. Ford’s bed is equipped with motion sensors and a conveyor belt that carefully moves away the sleeping person.

For now, it has not been announced whether the bed will go for sale and how much it might cost.

iFarm agro technical startup from Novosibirsk raised $1 million

Novosibirsk-based startup that develops urban smart greenhouses for vegetables raised $1 million of investments from Gagarin Capitaland business angels. The agreement was signed by CEO of 1C-Bitrix Sergey Ryzhikov, member of the board of directors of the Russian franchise association, and former CEO of Invitro Sergey Ambrosov.

iFarm agro technical startup produces automated greenhouses designed for use in cities all the year round. Gardening patterns are uploaded in the smart system significantly simplifying the production process. This year, the startup is planning to enter the global market.

Smart gas meters for Russian citizens

The government of Russia plans to provide the population with smart gas meters. Representatives of housing and utilities infrastructure think that this step will prevent the risk of emergencies and help to save on resources. A smart system will stop from paying for unused gas and will respond to leakages. Among other things, it will block gas supply in high-risk buildings.

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