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Top-7 mind-blowing smart dresses

Top-7 mind-blowing smart dresses

Innovative technologies are spreading in all spheres of human life. We introduce top smart dresses which will capture your imagination.

№7. Fiber-optic Tinkerbell Dress

Richard Nicoll and Studio Xo in collaboration with Disney created a vapory dress made from fiber-optic fabric with high intensity LED.  It makes the dress glow in the dark. The authors were inspired by Tinkerbell – a fairy from the animated Peter Pan film.

№6. INTIMACY 2.0 dress 

The dress is made from e-foils and leather. The material analyzes heart rate and becomes transparent if a wearer is aroused.

№5. A chameleon-like dress

It changes colors depending on the body temperature and fluctuations in the environment. Special chemical inks react to humidity and temperature.

№4. Cognitive Dress connected to Twitter

Developed by IBM and Marchesa, the dress is made from a material connected to IBM Watson artificial intelligence technology. Supercomputer analyzes social sentiment from Twitter users and changes colors of the dress.

№3. Dresses of Memory

Tae Gon Kim, a designer and artist from South Korea who lives in France, has created 4 Dresses of Memory collection. He was inspired by the French literary theorist and philosopher Roland Barthes. Dresses consist of hundreds of fiber-optic strands which glow in the dark and change colors.

№ 2.  (No)where (Now)here: Two Gaze-activated Dresses

Canadian fashion designer Ying Gao produced dresses which light up, move, change colors and shape when you are looking at them. It happens due to photoluminescent threads, eye tracking and voice technology.

№1. The Butterfly Dress

Developed by Turkish designers Ezra & Tuba and Intel Company and powered by Edison, the dress reacts at the presence and number of people. Computerized butterflies on the top of the dress flap slowly if there are a few people and fly away if there are many viewers.

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