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Top 5 changes that will take place in IoT in 2018

Top 5 changes that will take place in IoT in 2018

In 2018, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft will monopolize cloud services for IoT platforms, reports Forbes, citing a Forrester Research report “Predictions 2018: IoT Moves From Experimentation To Business Scale”.

Here are the top 5 changes that await the Internet of Things in 2018.

The popularity of voice services will grow

Most companies will strive to develop voice services. At the same time, their complexity and quality will improve significantly. Businesses that won’t look into voice services will become market outsiders.

Competition will increase among IoT platforms

Companies will process and analyze data on the IoT network periphery. This will speed up data reception and shorten the waiting time. However, it will be necessary to increase the costs of supporting the periphery. Such a tendency will negatively affect practically all platforms. Only the most unified ones will stay on the market.

IoT networks will be publicly available

Low implementation costs, rapid prototyping and global coverage will facilitate rapid spreading of public IoT platforms.

Cyber​​attacks on IoT devices will intensify

Means of defense appear after the means of attack. In addition, manufacturers pay more attention to device entering the market than its security. Knowing this, hackers will continue to attack the Internet of Things platforms to get confidential data from users.

The number of IoT platforms based on blockchain will grow to 5%

The main obstacle on the way to creating blockchain based IoT platforms is unreliable technical infrastructure. Nevertheless, pilot projects that can guarantee technology stability already began to appear and their number will only grow in the future. As a result, the improvement of technologies will lead to an increase in the number of such platforms.

According to the Strategy Analytics research, in 2018 Internet of Things will extend to more than 20 billion devices. Their number will grow by 20-30% annually. Unmanned vehicles, smart houses and wireless charging will gradually become an integral part of human life.


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