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Modern trends of smart house market

Modern trends of smart house market

Technavio conducted the research and presented the report showing that nowadays the smart house and telematics market in the Asian-Pacific Region is rapidly developing in accordance with five priority areas. 


Development trends of the smart house market for the next four years 

1. Popularity of cloud technologies 

Customers increasingly start using cloud systems for more convenient interaction between smart house services, personal data storage and data security. Particularly, the cloud contains photos from security cameras, various sensor indicators etc. The system is easily scaled depending on customer requirements, has a transparent interface and is easy-to-use.          

2. Increased number of portable gadgets 

The portable gadget market is growing very fast because nowadays mobile devices are used in various areas including healthcare. In the smart house such gadgets allow to control lighting, adjust a thermostat, operate a multimedia system etc.      

3. Increased investments in startups and partnership relations establishment 

Currently, a lot of suppliers invest in startups developing new smart house solutions. For example, Foxconn and SingTel have invested $ 3.2 million in Singapore-based KAI video control systems. Besides, suppliers establish relations with each other in order to find single solutions for intelligent building ecosystem. In particular, China Unicom and Zeewave launched a common project on the smart house automation.         

4. Popularity of Internet of things 

Customers increasingly prefer to apply mobile gadgets in remote observation. Telematics provides a proper interaction between wireless and wire systems as well as allows conducting remote control of smart house devices. Among countries aiming to highly invest in IoT and telematics development one can emphasize China, which is going to invest around $ 600 billion in this industry.      

5. Smart cities building


A smart city is the next development level of smart houses. Network systems and data bases of such cities are connected with security cameras, sensors and control systems. IoT technologies are used here for providing various services, transferring and processing information as well as for logistics, electric and water system control etc. Japan, China, Singapore and India are going to build smart cities in the nearest future. For instance, Indian government has informed about budgeting around $1.15 billion for intelligent cities development.

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