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Smart glasses: touch your nose to reject a call

Smart glasses: touch your nose to reject a call

Developers from South Korea, Japan, and the USA have created smart glasses that allow users to control their phones using their noses.

The system uses the embedded system ItchyNose, which consists of three electrooculography sensors. Their main goal is to measure the person’s electric potential. They are most frequently used in the medical field or film industry. For instance, physicians use them to record the movement of patient’s eyes and film cutters – for computer graphics.

Sensors track nose touches – the user can scratch his nose tip or push it to the right or left. In such a way, the user can reject a call or pause a player without taking the phone from the pocket or bag.

Scientists note that they are currently teaching the system to distinguish between different touches. For example, the device usually correctly defines when you are rubbing the nose tip, which cannot be said about pressing it. Each device should be able to adapt to the peculiarities of the owner.


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