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Smart gadgets and devices for the smart home system

Smart gadgets and devices for the smart home system

A smart home system was developed to automate and simplify household routine as well as make our life safer. However, a smart home is not a single device but a broad range of gadgets performing certain functions. Some of them are an indispensable part of a smart home.

Basic devices for a smart home

The core of a smart home is a controller or a router. This device helps coordinate functions of all gadgets and set necessary scenarios. For example, a scenario in case you go to work or an algorithm for emergencies (fire, flood or break-in).

Controllers have a display; up to 300 devices can be connected to it. The systems can also be linked with a mobile app. Thus, you can manage your smart home remotely using a smartphone.

Everything related to a protocol and called ‘smart’ can be connected to a router. By the way, sensors, sockets, cameras, and smart household appliances are the most important elements of a smart home system.

Smart sensors control temperature, humidity, react to smoke. Special sensors make the water supply system secure by preventing water leakage. As soon as water drops on such a sensor, it sends a signal to the system. Then, a smart home turns the water off and informs an owner about the accident.

Smart cameras maintain the same principle. They shoot a house all the time, are capable of face recognition and suspicious activity detection. Smart gadgets vary from smart electric kettles to entire multimedia systems that are integrated into the smart home scheme.

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Unusual devices for a smart home system

A smart home may interconnect any appliances we need for housekeeping. Their number depends on the room size and owner’s preferences.

There exist out of the box sets of smart home gadgets. They consist of a basic set with sensors, cameras, and a router.

Additional gadgets are a stretch of the developers’ imagination. We now have a smart toothbrush that controls how you clean your teeth and sends data to a smartphone.

Smart speakers are one of the popular gadgets for a smart home. They also allow to manage all the rest devices by recognizing voice, understanding commands as well as browsing Web.

Meanwhile, the smart camera Petcube will come in handy to pet owners. It helps contact a pet left alone at home, play and speak with it. For those who have troubles with memorizing things, there exists a smart flowerpot that waters your plants according to the schedule.

The vital thing to keep in mind when buying smart home devices is as follows: they should be compatible with each other. Developing your own smart home system, take into account the standard difference or choose a hub that supports the majority of protocols.

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