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Smart watch as a medical gadget and smart heated clothes. Week’s IoT news

Smart watch as a medical gadget and smart heated clothes. Week’s IoT news

The Russian Ministry of Construction has announced standards for smart cities, while Denmark has found a way to cheat smart assistants. These and other events of the IoT world are described in our traditional digest.

Cap for smart assistants protects from wiretapping

Developers from Denmark have designed a supplement that prevents smart assistants from listening to users’ personal conversations. The device looks like a mushroom cap and creates white noise until a person says the code word for its activation. Therefore, the gadget does not allow smart assistant producers to collect user’s data.

The cap is 3D printed as well as equipped with a single-board computer – Raspberry Pi, a microphone, and dynamic speakers.

Smart jacket for disabled people

Developers from Don State Technical University have introduced membrane clothes designed for disabled people. It allows persons in a wheelchair to support a comfortable temperature condition.

The smart membrane jacket is able to keep a special microclimate within two hours, while a temperature rate can be adjusted using a smartphone. The initial cost of smart clothes is 12,000 RUB, but it is still unknown whether this solution will enter the mass market.

Study Watch is recognized as medical device

Study Watch, a smart watch measuring single-channel electrocardiogram rhythms, has become a Class II medical device. A corresponding document was signed by the Federal Food and Drug Administration of the USA.

Now, doctors will be able to recommend this gadget to their patients requiring the control of cardiovascular system condition. Study Watch is developed by Alphabet’s healthcare department.

Yandex presents car on-board computer

Yandex’s on-board computer for cars hit the market at the end of January. The device is compatible with certain models of Volkswagen, Lada, Kia, Škoda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Renault, Nissan, and Toyota. It is based on the Yandex.Auto system and controlled by Voice Assistant Alice.

Yandex’s on-board computer has the following specifications: 4-core 1.2 GHz Allwinner T3 processor, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB built-in memory. The device is connected to the network via a 3G/4G modem. It provides GPS and GLONASS navigation. The on-board computer costs 30,000 RUB.

Russia's Ministry of Construction unveils basic requirements for smart cities

The Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation has prepared and adopted the standard for the Russian smart city as of 2019-2024. published document includes the requirements that should be fulfilled in order to implement the project as well as describes challenges and their solutions. General provisions of the standard refer to smart transport, digital transformation of energy systems, and establishment of the city’s common database.

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