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Smart home systems: affordable future technologies

Smart home systems: affordable future technologies

A smart home system is a fully autonomous intelligent network that unites many household appliances. The cost of the technology is gradually changing from extremely expensive to quite affordable. Today a smart home is something a lot bigger than automatic switching of the light on and off and voice control of devices.

General operation principle of a smart home: a report on the technology

A smart home is a whole complex of home automation that simplifies the life of a human. Devices united in an intelligent system can process information on their own, take decisions, and do small household tasks. Such a system also involves a multi-room feature, i.e. a controller for multimedia devices such as DVD, acoustics, video projectors.

A smart home system is installed and adjusted according to user requirements. As a result, users can select different profiles and modes using voice commands. The system will regulate climatic parameters, ensure the security, send sensor data to the owner, and many other things.

Smart devices are united in a network using the control center, to which devices, systems, and standalone smart subsystems are connected.

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The latest smart home technologies

Apart from security sensors, climate and lighting control, smart home technologies include robots. For example, floor-cleaning machines are connected to the general network and work according to the preset timetable. There is the Winbot window-cleaning robot. Moreover, there is a robot that helps to take care about the elderly (reminds to take pills and make phone calls and is controlled through the smart home system remotely).

Developers are paying more attention to the creation of new applications for smart houses. WeMo app gives a possibility to control all smart gadgets using a smartphone. One of the amazing smart home technologies is the August Smart Lock, which is capable to synchronize with the smartphone and recognize its owner to open the doors automatically.

Future houses will deploy various smart surfaces, some of which are already available. For example, the Gravity Space floor recognizes the owner by weight, tracks peoples’ movements around the house and gives signals to devices depending on the location of a specific person and his preferences.

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