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A smart home system: what is it and how can it help

A smart home system: what is it and how can it help

A smart home system is a control complex for household equipment. A smart home adjusts light and temperature, and can call a taxi or turn on music. Moreover, it protects the building against breaking, helping owners to feel secure and comfortable.

The system first arrived in the middle of the 20th century. Whereas only well-off and famous people could afford a smart home at that time, now customers can build it on their own.

The article explains how a smart home works and what is needed to build it.

A smart home system: what is it?

There are three ways to control electronic subsystems and household appliances:

  • through the universal remote control panel
  • using a personal computer;
  • via a smartphone app.

Every user chooses a comfortable way of controlling devices, but the principle remains the same. The app that synchronizes the system shows all connected devices. For instance, by touching the screen you can turn on the light, music, air conditioner, or lock the doors.

Users can also combine functions of a smart home into definite scenarios and launch several actions just in one click.

A smart home system: how does it work?

Today you can assemble a smart home system on your own; the most important thing here is to choose devices correctly. Roughly speaking, all smart home devices can be divided in several types.

The first type – controllers. The brain of the smart home that controls the operation of the network and connected devices. Controller stores scenarios made up by the user and provides communication between the smart home system and a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The second type – actuators. A group of devices that fulfil the controller’s commands. For instance, a smart faucet immediately cuts off water supply if sensors detect a leakage.

The third type – control devices. Appliances that turn the use of a smart home into a comfortable and quick process. They are remote control panels or battery-powered switches that can be positioned in a place convenient for the user.

IoT Conference: A smart home system: what is it and how can it help

What can a smart home do?

A smart home system is designed to simplify life and create comfort in the place you live. A smart home can control:

  • lights;
  • surveillance cameras;
  • micro climate;
  • music;
  • handling of plants.

However, you should not buy all devices at once. For a start, purchase several sensors and a smart socket to control voltage in the building. The system can be expanded at any time by adding new devices with no repairs and extra wires needed.

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