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Agriculture 4.0 - IoT tech in the farming sector

Agriculture 4.0 - IoT tech in the farming sector

Nowadays, Internet of Things technologies are applied not only for equipping smart homes and for designing intelligent devices. IoT technologies have become widely used among farmers. Moreover, they are playing a significant role in creating an agricultural industry of the future – Agriculture 4.0. Let’s figure out how the Internet of Things is applied in the farming sector and what advantages it provides to farmers.

Smart irrigation systems

Intelligent irrigation systems are networks of sensors placed across the whole agricultural area. Occasionally, gadgets check a soil condition: they control the level of its humidity and friability as well as monitor its saturation of various agents.

Devices automatically water soil in negative zones: such a system allows to significantly control the water consumption.

Animal breeding solutions

One is designing systems allowing to monitor animal health and detect their genetic traits. Smart gadgets also help to control movements of cattle and track the necessity of feeding.


Some farms have been already applying unmanned tractors: they independently go round the territory, recognize weeds, and sprinkle them.

Unmanned aerial vehicles – drones – are also used in the agricultural industry. They allow to monitor plants, spray fertilizers, and scare vermin remotely.

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Smart sensors

Sensors are often applied to collect data: they are installed in soil in certain points in order to collect necessary information. For example, sensors are able to detect weeds, recognize plant diseases, assess crop productivity, determine damages, and even make forecasts.

Using smart sensors, one can think over the appropriate handling of plants and efficiently implement it. Therefore, one will be able to monitor not only plants in the lot but also conditions in warehouse premises and detect rotting, which will allow to store crop for a long time.

Prospects of the Internet of Things in agriculture

Business Insider researchers assume that the amount of IoT sensors in the farming industry will grow. It is expected that the number of sensors applied in the agricultural sector will reach approximately 75 million devices by 2020.

The shift to autonomous control of equipment and the process automation are gradual, but such solutions have been already giving the first results and increasing the quality of agricultural operations.

The application of IoT technologies in the farming industry and other areas will be discussed at the international forum – Internet of Things. Conference details and registration are available on the event official website.

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