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Samsung intends to create watch projecting information onto user's hand

Samsung intends to create watch projecting information onto user's hand

The company wants to patent smart watch technology. Such watch will project virtual interface onto the user's hand. The technology can be used not only for smart watches, but also in the process of VR headsets creation, where the image will be projected onto the surrounding objects.

This idea is not a new one. Two years ago, Ritot presented stylish smart watch of new generation, which projects a dial onto user’s wrist, informs about incoming calls, text notifications, emails, weather and upcoming events. Moreover, this wearable gadget may be controlled by shaking the wrist.

This year representatives of Samsung decided to patent similar technology, as it will allow the brand to produce a series of unique devices. Of course we are not talking about the mass production of specific device yet. The company presented only sketches of gadgets that may be created using virtual interface projecting technology. And it can’t be said for sure that Samsung will put these ideas into practice.

However, according to the sketches released by the US Patent Office, smart watch that might be created by Samsung, projects virtual keyboard, menu, incoming notifications, etc. on the user's hand. Moreover, user can interact with displayed objects without touching the watch itself.

It is interesting to note that Samsung is also developing a new generation of virtual reality headset.



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