September 25, 2018 / Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

Nissan’s self-driving chairs have learnt to stand in line

Nissan’s self-driving chairs have learnt to stand in line

Nissan Motor Company Ltd. has introduced an autonomous chair ProPILOT Chair. It will make standing in line more pleasant.

ProPILOT Chair automatically monitors line movement. Its sensors and cameras determine the distance to the object standing in front of the chair. It moves together with line – absolutely on its own. When the chair is the first one in line and a human stands up, it returns to the end of the line. 

For the chair’s construction Nissan used the system which performs the self-driving function in its cars. The company will receive requests for the device from Japanese restaurants until the end of December. Next year it will give the chairs to the worthiest candidates.

The company hasn’t announced whether such chairs are put on sale. If it happens, they can be of service not only to restaurants but also to museums or art galleries – places where people move slowly. 

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