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Rostec and smart retailing, telemedicine and national clinics, Kaliningrad and IoT education. What is new in the Russian IoT?

Rostec and smart retailing, telemedicine and national clinics, Kaliningrad and IoT education. What is new in the Russian IoT?

What hinders the implementation of the telemedicine in the Russian medical facilities? Will Rosseti turn its facilities into intelligent ones? Which cars can use the new onboard computer from Yandex? Read in our digest about these and other news of the Russian IoT.

Samsung Electronics launched IoT training lab in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad region joined the educational project IoT Academy Samsung. An official ceremony marking the occasion took place at the Center for Business Support of Kaliningrad region. At the ceremony, representatives of the Center and Samsung and rectors of two local higher education institutes signed the agreement.

At the ceremony, the Center’s management announced the launch of the laboratory at its business incubator. Students will have an opportunity to obtain free education in the field of IoT and digital economy.

Rostec started the production of smart storage systems for retail

Rostec Corporation announced that its Ruselectronics holding company started series production of innovative storage systems for food products, medical and pharmaceutical products, values and weapon. The solution uses RFID chips that read special tags on products. The technology can automate the control of goods and inventory.

Rosseti tests LoRaWAN digital system

PAO Rosseti plans to integrate the LoRaWAN technology with its facilities. The technology can collect a small amount of data and transfers it for the distance of up to 4 km (up to 800 m in test conditions) with minimal energy consumption.

The wireless data transfer technology is currently being tested at the company’s subsidiary titled IDGC of Urals. The project also involves ER-Telecom, an independent telecom operator. Basing on the results of trials, Rosseti will define whether the use of the system is cost-efficient.

ONDOC reported the wane of interest in telemedicine from the side of medical facilities

The first year of implementing telemedical services by clinics has ended and results show that the interest in the novelty has waned. ONDOC startup has made the conclusion basing on the research. The percentage of dissatisfied users is not critical. The main reason of disappointment are the restriction in legislation, the elimination of which may change the situation for better.

Yandex developed its own onboard computer

Yandex presented a new project – the onboard computer that can replace a standard multimedia system in a car. The device has an embedded set of services for drivers: Yandex.Navigator, Yandex.Auto, Yandex.Music, and Yandex.Weather.

Company reps say that the installment is free of charge, and the warranty covers technical support. Devices are already available at the price of 30,000 rubles, but for now, they can be found in Nizhny Novgorod only.

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