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Problems with IoT in Russia and 5G networks development: interview with the speakers of the Internet of Things forum

Problems with IoT in Russia and 5G networks development: interview with the speakers of the Internet of Things forum

The press service of the Internet of Things forum has conducted several interviews with IoT experts who will deliver the presentations and take part in the panel discussions. What problems does the Russian IoT market face? How developed is the Industrial Internet of Things in the country? What role will 5G networks play in the technology advance? Why did one of the speakers decide to transfer the whole Russian Federation to Bitrix24? Find answers in our articles.

Interviews with speakers

In his interview, experienced developer and Founder at ANNA Systems Tim Kham claimed the existence of the following problems on the Russian IoT market:

  1. Business representatives are more interested in such solutions than private individuals.
  2. The market is burgeoning rather than developed.
  3. Software and hardware frequently fail to work properly.
  4. Company’s directors are conservative in terms of IoT.

However, the specialist believes that Russian IoT solutions in fact penetrate such spheres as energy, logistics, and industry.

Our next speaker Alexey Sechkin, Director of Innovative Technologies and Solutions Center at Jet Infosystems, also shared his point of view over the Industrial Internet of Things.

He thinks that the current price of computing capacity has considerably dropped, which allows to use various sensors, machine learning, and AI technology in the industry. This gives an opportunity to process massive data volumes in the field of telemetry and telemechanics.

Quick connection would help process huge data volumes. For example, the one introduced by the new-generation networks – 5G. In his interview with us, Commercial Director at RENA SOLUTIONS Evgeny Molchanov told about a lot of interesting aspects in this sphere.

The expert thinks that the quality of IoT solutions may be boosted only together with industry development. By the way, 5G networks are not a single aspect stimulating the Internet of Things, but their role is vital. New-generation networks would allow companies to use cloud services (data processing, AI-based solutions) without supercomputers.

Another speaker of the Internet of Things conference is Aleksandr Serbul from 1C-Bitrix. The expert shared with us his story of getting involved in the programming world and how it sparked the interest in IoT.

“I wanted to transfer the whole country to the Bitrix24 portal,” confessed Aleksandr.

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