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A representative of Network 868 talked about the benefits of IoT networks based on LoRaWAN protocol

A representative of Network 868 talked about the benefits of IoT networks based on LoRaWAN protocol

According to the representative of Network 868 who has given a speech at the Internet of Things conference, the number of connected devices today is 1.5 times higher than the population of the planet. According to the top ranked experts of the industry, up to 50 billion IoT devices will be used by 2020. Within a few years the Internet of Things will become an integral part of everyday life.

However, to realize all of its possible opportunities (the receipt, analysis and information transmission), a reliable and secure infrastructure is needed. It is quite possible to construct such a network based on LoRaWAN technology, a protocol that allows you to create a global high capacity network with a long range of operation and low power consumption. Devices connected to such network may transmit data on tens of kilometers and keep operating for several years without battery replacement. By the way, a network structure based on LoRaWAN protocol can be easily scaled.

Among the advantages of networks based on LoRaWAN are:

  • ease of deployment, star of stars topology;
  • low deployment and operation cost;
  • an open standard and unlicensed radio range;
  • stand-alone device (the ability to operate from a single battery up to 10 years and wirelessly get charged via PoE or solar panels);
  • data security: three-stage data encryption system;
  • cloud service: the possibility of permanent access to information.

Similar IoT solutions can be used in various fields: medicine, municipal engineering, transportation and logistics, consumer electronics, power industry, security and so on. Besides, Network 868 suggested to use networks based on LoRaWAN protocol in order to solve the problem of non-payment for housing and communal services. A special CounterApp data collection system allows an accurate accounting of the consumed resources: water, gas, electricity, heat, etc. The application also makes it possible to monitor the condition of elevators, control the street lighting, monitor air quality and enhance the level of security.

According to analysts, by 2027 about 50% of 208 million of IoT devices in Russia will use LoRa technology for the preparation, analysis and data transfer. And that is not surprising because the network infrastructure based on LoRaWAN protocol allows creating unique solutions in the field of telecommunications services, surveillance and control, telematics, telemetry, smart home and so on.

Today Network 868 is engaged in the active implementation of solutions based on LoRaWAN technologies in Russia. Company’s pilot projects have been operating for more than four months already, processing the real data received from the metering devices in various cities. Within a short space of time these solutions showed good financial gains from the use of advanced IoT technologies.

Network 868 equipment includes:

1. Base stations:

  • outdoor: the catchment area covers up to 20 thousand devices;
  • indoor: effective radius is up to 400 meters, the catchment area covers up to 4 thousand devices;
  • micro: single-channel station, covers up to 250 devices.

2. Terminal devices: water, gas, electricity meters, modems, IoT devices, etc.

It is important to note that the devices that are compatible with network installed by Network 868, can operate anywhere in the world where LoRaWAN based coverage is available. The technology provides a gateway roaming, allows to combine private and public network into a hybrid one, and also offers turnkey solutions for the Internet of Things.

LoRaWAN protocol was developed by LoRa Alliance and is recognized as a unified worldwide standard for low power wide area networks. This alliance accounts more than 368 participants including world leaders of IoT industry. The Network 868 company has also become its member to keep abreast of new developments and offer its customers the cutting-edge solutions for business development.


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