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Promising IoT projects

Promising IoT projects

Smart technologies are more and more rapidly integrated into human life at the everyday and commercial level: according to Gartner analysts, IoT expenditures exceeded $3.5 trillion in 2017. Therefore, major IT companies focus on the development of Internet of Things projects.

One of the leading global firms, which actively advance smart technologies, is the manufacturer of electronic devices – Intel. One of the most successful IoT projects involving Intel is the development of a portable smart device called Samsung Gear 2. Besides, Intel’s Internet of Things projects are aimed at the enhancement of smart device security.

This trend is also evolving in Russia: IoT projects are related to smart homes, portable devices, and robotics.

IoT Conference: Promising IoT projects

Internet of Things: Russia’s interesting projects


A successful startup developing a robot assistant based on neural networks. It is able to recognize and analyze human speech and behavior as well as learn and get geographical bearings. The development company has received the large order for delivering a bulk of Promobots to the USA.


This IoT project is aimed at animal lovers. A specially designed smart feeder will allow to regulate the pet’s nutrition schedule, dose portions, and analyze information about the diet. The device is controlled remotely using the smartphone app.


An IoT project by Throne Systems is a system for controlling smart homes and smart appliances. It features a user-friendly interface and is recognized as one of the best platforms for smart homes in Russia (the project is a holder of the Skolkovo award).


A solution refers to portable smart devices that monitor the human health condition. Izitherm is a smart temperature meter attached to the skin and synchronized with the mobile app. It measures the temperature with the given frequency and shares data with the doctor through the web.


This IoT project is a small robot monitoring the accommodation safety. Unlike stationary motion sensors, it is able to move throughout the house. The robot is equipped with smoke, humidity, and temperature sensors.

According to the forecasts of IDC analysts, expenses for smart technologies will grow up to $772 billion in 2018. At the same time, 69% of firms worldwide are integrating IoT solutions. PwC experts believe that the IoT market can provide the Russian economy with ₽2.8 trillion by 2025.

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