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IoT development prospects in Russia

IoT development prospects in Russia

According to the estimates of industry analysts, the total number of connected Internet of Things devices can reach 50 billion by 2020. Currently, its application is relevant not only in everyday life but also in the manufacturing industry, logistics, healthcare, as well as housing and utilities of many countries. The Internet of Things in Russia is also rapidly developing.

IoT application areas in Russia

The main objectives of the Internet of Things in any life sphere are the automation, optimization, and reduction of material and time expenses.

IoT in Russia and worldwide is not yet limited to smart homes and their equipment: more than a half of devices are applied in business and industrial sectors.

Smart technologies are primarily used in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing. The Internet of Things provides solutions for light and heavy industries, speeding up the production, making it more cost-effective, involving less number of people, and making factory job safer.
  • Healthcare. It includes complete physical examinations, information analysis, convenient access to data for doctors and patients, and human health control using smart gadgets.
  • Smart cities. Schools, transport, hospitals, housing and utilities can be united into a single system controlled by smart appliances. It significantly improves the living standards of citizens as well as makes the interaction between the authorities and inhabitants more efficient.
  • Smart transport. The Internet of Things allows to solve the road safety issue, control traffic, connect cars (including unmanned ones), and manage supply chains.
  • Smart homes. It provides home security, optimization of household processes, remote home control, and many other things. It is the focus on the consumer comfort that makes smart homes one of the most popular IoT systems.

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Russian Internet of Things

One of the most promising IoT application areas is transport and logistics. The Russian Internet of Things in this sector is represented by Yandex.Navigator, which is used not only in the Russian Federation but also in the CIS countries. It unites drivers using portable devices as well as collects and analyzes road condition information.

The Platon system (for the automatic collection of heavyweight charges) and car sharing services are also referred to IoT. According to the PwC forecasts, the economic growth of IoT in this area is estimated at 542 billion RUB up to 2025.

The Industrial Internet of Things in Russia (IIoT) is going to evolve and grow to 270 billion RUB by 2020. It includes the integration of robotic systems, smart equipment, and other stuff into manufacturing.

According to the research results of iKS-Consulting and Orange Business Services, expenses for IoT in Russia are allocated in such a way: the transport sector ranks first in terms of volume (13.1 billion RUB), the industrial sector is the second (3.6 billion RUB), and the third one is property (2.1 billion RUB).

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