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Development prospects of IoT in healthcare and use of digital gadgets: five main news in the technology world

Development prospects of IoT in healthcare and use of digital gadgets: five main news in the technology world

Artificial intelligence finds new use in the adult industry, popularity of smart devices is growing in Moscow, and sales of phones without Internet connectivity are growing again. Read further in the digest about these and other events in the IoT world.

Smart watches and fitness bracelets used by 29% of young people in Moscow

The research of analysts of Moscow Information Technology Department has shown that smart watches and fitness bracelets are popular among 29% of young people aged from 18 to 25 years old. That figure accounts for 16% of surveyed among all age categories.

Approximately 2% of Moscow residents own virtual reality headsets and glasses. Every 20th household owns smart home devices – around 5% of surveyed use them. Vacuum-cleaning robots can be found in 9% of households.

The research was carried out in July 2018. Overall, 2,400 people were surveyed.

The IoT healthcare market will exceed $158 billion by 2022

According to Market Research Engine, the volume of the IoT healthcare market will surpass $158 billion by 2022.

Analysts suppose that the average market growth rate will equal to 30.8% in the period from 2016 to 2022.

The Internet of Things solutions can be used in healthcare to monitor the state of patients, diagnose problems, and provide treatment remotely.

Researchers believe that today there is lack of skills to develop IoT solutions, problems of compatibility and security exist, and there are no administration standards. All these factors hinder the development of the technology.

IoT Conference: Development prospects of IoT in healthcare and use of digital gadgets: five main news in the technology world

Sales of phones with no Internet access have grown in the world

Sales of mobile phones without Internet connection increased by 5% in 2017. The only options that such devices offer is making calls and sending messages, but they have still gained popularity for the first time in a while.

It is considered that active advertising run by marketers has helped to increase sales, as users are convinced to spend less time on social media.

As for global sales of smartphones, they grew just by 2% over the same period.

Russian artificial intelligence will track dumps and deforestation from space

Russian Space Systems JSC plans to develop an AI-based system that will detect dumps and deforestation spots from space. The system will start working next summer. It was reported by the deputy general director of RSS Yevgeny Nesterov.

Neural networks will monitor changes on the earth surface using satellite data.

The new technology is a part of the Territory system, which is currently tested as part of the Digital Forest project in Moscow Region.

Artificial intelligence will allow adding your face to porn videos featuring famous actors

Porn producer Naughty America has launched a service that allows adding your face to videos featuring porn actors using artificial intelligence. The service costs several hundreds of dollars, but a high quality work will cost you more than $3,000.

To ‘participate’ in a readymade video, users have to send photos and videos with different facial expressions and sign the data processing agreement.

To provide the service, the company uses DeepFakes technology and open code algorithms.

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