Development prospects of 5G in Russia: opinions of experts of Internet of Things Conference

Development prospects of 5G in Russia: opinions of experts of Internet of Things Conference

The USA, China, South Korea, and Japan have been testing 5G mobile networks since 2018, and the massive rollout of the technology is planned for 2020. What prospects do 5G networks open for the world and Russia?

Benefits of future 5G networks

The fifth generation network architecture that will replace 4G mobile standards stands out for high network capacity, highly reliable connection, and extensive reach. Thanks to these parameters, IoT services and solutions will gain wide adoption, and as a result, more opportunities will appear for the development of smart cities, manufacturing, intelligent transport systems.

Peculiarities of 5G networks:

  • huge data transmission rate (several gigabytes per second);
  • minimum delay of signal;
  • possibility of connecting a great number of IoT devices.

5G network capacity can be useful for the advancement of virtual and augmented reality enabling the transmission of 4Кand 8Кresolution videos, the construction of smart cities and enterprises, as well as the insurance of their security.

Besides, 5G will help to develop the transport sector, for example, the standard will allow speeding up the rollout of autonomous cars. Moreover, 5G will drive the development and implementation of new services, for example, holographic calls.

Technical features of 5G will allow operators to deploy isolated networks in order to use them for different purposes, for example, for IoT, broadband video transmission, etc. 5G network deployment will change the digital world by increasing the data transmission rate to 10 GB/s or more and reducing the delay of signal to one millisecond.

For example, the trials of 5G frequency band conducted by the South Korean operator КТduring the Winter Olympics displayed the operation of 360-degree video player. Besides, South Korean farmers are waiting for 5G network deployment, which will allow them to use 5G drones in order to scare away wild boars that trample crops and pose a danger to people.

Trial launch of 5G in the world

As one of the most digitalized countries, China was the first to start testing 5G networks: in April of 2018, the country launched 5G in Chungking. On October 1, 2018, the US operator Verizon deployed a commercial 5G network in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Houston, and Indianapolis. New home network provides the average rate of 300 MB/s and peak rate of up to 1 GB/s.

Currently, thanks to AT&T, trial 5G services are available in 12 US cities. According to forecasts of experts from Deloitte, this year 25 operators will launch their own 5G networks, and the number of such companies will grow twofold in 2020. Successful trials of networks have been already carried out in Japan, Estonia, South Korea, and many other countries.

The research conducted by AT&T shows that major players of the 5G market are found in the USA, India, the UK, China, Germany, South Korea, and Australia. 3GPP global initiative is responsible for the adoption of the international 5G standard. Last year, the initiative reported that it would accept the final version of 5G Release in late 2019.

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5G networks in Russia

In Russia, 5G technology has been tested by operators and is almost ready for deployment. However, the government has postponed this issue until 2022, as the demand for the technology is not big, and the frequency band of 3.4-3.8 GHz requires clearing. The Russian government took on the expenditures on clearing, which are preliminarily estimated at 16 billion rubles.

Important events of the last year were pilot launches of 5G in Skolkovo and the announcement of the big four (MTS, VimpelCom, MegaFon, and Tele2) about the establishment of a consortium intended for the joint use of bandwidth.

It is planned that the realization of pilot projects intended for the implementation of 5G in Russia will finish by the end of 2020. According to the data of the governmental program Digital Economy, 5G mobile communication networks will appear in 5 million cities by 2022, and in 2 more years – in all 15 million cities in Russia.

Prospects of 5G networks

Analysts of MarketsandMarkets forecast that the 5G market will show active growth in 2020 and annual growth rate will reach 18% by 2025. The main incentives will be the growth of demand for high-speed communication services, increase in the number of connected devices and in the volume of transmitted data. One of the factors that restrains the process is the fact that 5G networks need much time to be deployed.

Prospects of 5G networks in Russia will be highlighted by the participants of the panel discussion ‘Satellite communication in the future 5G infrastructure. A unified platform for smart cities and IoT’. The debates will take place as part of the international Internet of Things conference. The discussion will feature top Russian experts from the IoT field:

  • Founder of SOMOW Design Bureau Maxim Somow. Businessman and engineer from Yekaterinburg, developer and creator of the new-generation smart safety sensor.
  • Oksana Pogodaeva, co-founder of GroozGo cargo transportation online service (‘Uber for cargo transportation sector’).
  • Author of the course ‘Basic design of Internet of Things apps’ Alexey Kornilov. Lecturer of the course ‘UX/UI design of the Internet of Things apps’ at the British higher school of art and design, IoT expert at WorldSkills Russia.
  • Nikolay Agudov, director of Engineering Center at N.I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod, PhD degree in Physics and Mathematics, participant of the project for the creation of new-generation electronic devices and neuromorphic computing technologies.
  • Dmitry Sokolov, business development executive for MindSphere IoT Cloud Platform at Siemens.
  • Director of R&D at National Information Center, Rostec GC, Alexander Anufrienko. Expert in radio electronic systems and VoD/OTT technologies intended to provide video services.

Moderator of the panel discussion will be Evgeny Molchanov, commercial director at RENA SOLUTIONS, the company that specializes in the automation of production processes.

Come to listen to expert opinions about the prospects of 5G in Russia and ask questions. The discussion will take place at the sixth international Internet of Things conference held in Moscow on March 27.

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