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Cloud mining: top services in 2018

Cloud mining: top services in 2018

An increasing popularity of cloud mining is caused by its availability and simplicity. However, such an attention to the service is accompanied by the growing amount of doubtful websites. So, how to distinguish reliable services from fly-by-nights?

Assessment criteria of cloud mining services

Any cloud mining platform can be assessed according to several significant aspects, or rather their accumulation. Prior to starting acting, you should know something about cloud mining services:

  • Its history (the longer it exists on the market, the more reliable it is; information transparency).
  • User feedback (can be falsified, so you should look closely at it).
  • Usability (a user-friendly interface means customer care and desire to make the process as transparent as possible).
  • Profitability, an opportunity to earn well (a possibility to calculate a payback period and actual benefits).

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What cloud mining services are considered reliable?

IQMining. It is the high performance of equipment that differs IQMining from other cloud services. The platform generates regular income due to the automatic switch among the most profitable cryptocurrencies. It guarantees the transparency of transactions and the absence of hidden charges.

Disadvantages: a lot of users are suspicious about announced high revenue from the resource.

AlienCloud. A multiplatform that serves as a cloud mining service and the exchange as well as provides users with online wallets. Stable average income. It offers unlimited contracts to customers, which means the daily pay-as-you-go option.

Disadvantages: the absence of profitability calculator, but you can use the stranger one.

Cloudy Mining. Profitable and legal cloud mining service (equipment is located in Lithuania where cryptocurrency is legalized). It offers various plans for users, depending on their requests and skills.

Disadvantages: money withdrawals can be delayed for up to two days.

Nuvoo Mining. Unlike other reliable cloud mining services, it allows to withdraw money on a card. There are no additional hidden fees. The service provides the multicurrency support.

Disadvantages: the absence of a virtual wallet.

Currently, cloud mining is considered to be one of the best possible ways to start cryptocurrency mining. It does not require huge investment, hardware purchase, while initial contributions are minimal. Besides, even newcomers can understand the operational concept of the majority of cloud mining services.

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