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Cloud technologies will make life simpler and more comfortable – Assem Abdel Hamied Moussa, Egyptair

Cloud technologies will make life simpler and more comfortable – Assem Abdel Hamied Moussa, Egyptair

Senior engineer of Egyptair Assem Abdel Hamied Moussa believes that cloud technologies will facilitate economic development and social progress. In the interview for the IoT Conference, the expert shared his view on the development of cloud technologies in the future and explained how they would affect aviation.

Interviewer: IoT Conference – Internet of Things Conference (IoT).
Respondent: Assem Abdel Hamied Moussa, senior engineer, e-commerce tech support manager, Egyptair (АМ).

IoT: Hello, Assem. How can cloud technologies change our life, say, in 20 years?

АМ: Cloud services already influence our life and in the future they will make a revolution in computing systems.

Cloud technologies will change the concept of using things – efficiency of performance as well as easy and quick access will become a reality. In the world of such technologies, all existing devices are connected, making our life simpler and more comfortable.

In the future, business people, public agencies, and our society in general will appraise the potential of cloud technologies – they will facilitate economic development and social progress. People will find new solutions for water resources management, traffic congestion control, globalization, and green construction. In 20 years, all things that we use in everyday life will be connected with one another using computer networks.

The key role in the development of cloud technologies will be played by Russia, the USA, and countries of Asia and Europe – the will make cloud services available to everyone.

In the new world of cloud technologies, physical objects will become active participants of business processes.

Thanks to cloud technologies, people will create smart cities – united communities, a smart planet – protected environment, as well as smart houses and industries. The technologies will also find use in healthcare, energetics, logistics, manufacturing, security.

IoT: If we take one specific field, for instance, aviation, how will it benefit from cloud technologies?

АМ: Cloud technologies will change the way we travel. Today, around 67% of aviation companies think that cloud services will change the field to the better and 37% of organizations have enough funds to implement the technology in work processes.

Cloud technologies will allow saving $30 billion on fuel within 15 years. Moreover, the number of flight delays will be reduced and on-board safety will be enhanced, as life jackets, oxygen masks, and workability of airplanes will be constantly checked.

The procedures of departure, arrival, or holding will become more comfortable for passengers. The technologies will enable automatic identification, smart tickets, and smart recommendations on flights.

IoT: In your book Cloud of things, you write that cloud technologies may become a solution to multiple problems in Africa including poverty, diseases, and violence. How do you think it may happen?

AM: Internet of Things and cloud technologies can positively influence the healthcare sector, for instance, by reading the DNA structure and detecting diseases at early stages. For instance, technologies will help to calculate the probability of cancer development or study the Parkinson's disease in detail. Smart devices can also prevent the spread of infections, for example, Zika virus.

As the Internet of Things transforms data into digital format, it helps to improve the economic level. Developing countries should use cloud technologies not only to achieve global goals but also to solve local tasks.

Cloud technologies will also offer solutions aimed to prevent global warming, reconstruct buildings after natural disasters, and combat droughts.

Technologies will also help to fight unemployment, as the demand for young IT specialists will be growing.

IoT: Please, provide us with details of your presentation at Internet of Things Conference in Moscow.

AM: The topic of my presentation is “Internet of Aviation: how the cloud of everything is transforming aviation and airports”.

I will touch upon the following issues:

  • how technologies can notify passengers about the time of departure, arrival, and staying at an airport when flights are delayed;
  • smart transport system;
  • enhancement of safety and comfort of passengers during flights;
  • how cloud technologies transform airports and aviation in general.

Meet the expert at the conference and learn more about the future of cloud technologies!


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