March 27, 2019 / Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

Top industry expert Anton Chupilko to tell about smart cities of the present and future

Top industry expert Anton Chupilko to tell about smart cities of the present and future

Leading expert on green economy and sustainable development Anton Chupilko to deliver a presentation at the sixth event dedicated to the Internet of Things and other smart technologies. He will tell about smart cities of the present and future.

Anton Chupilko is CIO at CubeOne, practitioner and innovator who has been implementing power-efficient solutions and real nanotechnologies in building and energy segment for 25 years.

A member and PR manager of the Board of the Russian Green Building Council that unites leading architects, engineers, and companies promoting innovative solutions for sustainable development. He is also a member of the working group for the implementation of the national project dedicated to the improvement of housing for Russian citizens.

Head of the first Russian ‘Laboratory and competence center for smart city and IoT’ at Moscow college of modern technologies. The expert is also CIO at ETTO company focused on digital technologies across the country.

Previously, Anton Chupilko managed the Committee on small business of Moscow Oblast Government. He also took part in the development of the environmental program ‘Sochi-2014’ and forum ‘Open Innovations’.

The speaker delivers presentations as an independent expert on sustainable development, hosts a personal YouTube channel and several successful blogs in social networks.

At the Internet of Things forum, he will make a presentation titled ‘Smart space – smart city: present and future’.

The event will take place in Moscow on March 27.

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