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New Peugeot Instinct – freedom due to Internet of Things

New Peugeot Instinct – freedom due to Internet of Things

Such a conclusion can be made if one gets acquainted with the concept of a new Instinct car presented by Peugeot on the Web and recently at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. And it is hardly surprisingly, as the manufacturers have focused on independence. Now, the car will take care of everything and a driver has nothing less to do but enjoy a trip without thinking of traffic jams or choosing the best possible time and route to go for a meeting.

Two-in-one: complete relax or adrenaline burst?

car is expected to have several driving modes: two ones for autonomous driving and two other for manual driving. In both cases, one can choose either sharp driving style or smooth. Depending on the chosen mode, position of the steering wheel, pedals, and seats is changed as well as lighting and sound. Thus, Instinct will allow to relax on the way home and to drive on a high speed if circumstances permit.

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Smart car controls everything

Following the concept, producers consider equipping Instinct with Samsung Artik Cloud platform. It will allow the car to go online and connect to PC, smartphone, smart watch, and smart house. So, analyzing the watch data, Instinct will determine your condition. If it decides you are too tired after training, for instance, the car will switch on relaxing music. But it can also conclude that a driver has recently become a couch potato and dismount them in two stops away from home, hinting at a walking time.

The car will refer to the weather forecast and regularly monitor a road situation. Based on these data, it will not just choose the best possible way but also decide whether there is a necessity to go for work or scheduled meeting earlier than planned.

The car is also equipped with Chatbot, a voice assistant. It is ready to shoulder various obligations: order goods, choose a film, find required information on the Internet, etc.

Peugeot Instinct is a real territory of the Internet of Things power. It is literally penetrated with new technologies, which cannot help but surprise. So, we just have to wait until the car enters the market and find out whether it is really as incredible as shown on images provided by developers.

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