September 25, 2018 / Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

Presented at the “Internet of Things” conference will be Angel Garcia Rivas, founder of the best accelerator in Europe

Presented at the “Internet of Things” conference will be Angel Garcia Rivas, founder of the best accelerator in Europe

On September 29, in Moscow, Angel Garcia Rivas, a founding partner of Startupbootcamp accelerator, will be a speaker at the LifeStyle IoT block of the international annual exhibition and conference entitled “Internet of Things”.  

The speaker will reveal the topic: European trends of Internet of Things.


Angel Garcia Rivas  is an investor, leader and entrepreneur with 20 years’ experience in establishing successful startup projects at the international markets of the USA and Asia. The specialist has a degree in economics and business administration. He also completed a training programme for leaders at Stanford University.         

Angel Garcia founded the leading European accelerating startups programme called Startupbootcamp currently operating in 13 cities and supporting developers of solutions in such areas as the Internet of Things, Big Data and cyber security.  

Moreover, Angel Garcia is a partner of Mjolnir Ventures, London venture company focusing on cyber security and analytics of smart data, and a founding partner of the venture foundation entitled Lanta Digital Ventures investing in prospective Spanish startups.         

Startupbootcamp that will be represented by Angel Garcia at the “Internet of Things” conference offers the best accelerating startups programme in Europe. More than 100 tutors, coaches, partners and investors have been working with the most prospective young companies within three months. Besides training, the Barcelona company invests €15 thousand in every project and supports them in the early development stages. Particularly, bonuses and special offers for a young startup cost more than €400 thousand. Thus, Startupbootcamp helps to create a quality new age of products, services and companies at the IoT and Smart Data market.  

Within the “Internet of Things” conference, Startupbootcamp accelerator will be a general partner of the meeting bringing together investors and developers of Speed Dealing startup projects. 


The third greatest “Internet of Things” exhibition and conference will be held in Moscow World Trade Center on September 29. The event will be attended by leading IoT industry experts and players from all over the world interested in the industry development.  

Buy a ticket for the greatest “Internet of Things” exhibition and conference and you will find out what enormous opportunities Internet of Everything provides for various activity areas.

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