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Jawbone shifts to the development of medical devices

Jawbone shifts to the development of medical devices

Manufacturer of mobile gadgets and accessories for iOS devices Jawbone startup is changing the business direction. The company will be releasing medical devices and related software.

Jawbone Health Hub is the new direction of the company that has developed a popular fitness tracker Jawbone UP. According to Bloomberg, the company plans to elaborate bracelets for recording heart attack symptoms or other health disorders. The device will use white light to measure the speed and volume of blood flow and define whether organs are getting enough of blood.

The company wants to work with Microsoft that could develop a tracking application. Data on health, physical load, and life style is expected to be sent to the email and synced with the calendar.

The second device, which might appear among Jawbone Health Hub’s projects, is intended for stress management. The analytics of arterial pressure levels of people suffering from hypertonia and diabetes can be sent to the physician or relatives once a week.

Customers that buy any of the two devices can be enrolled to a 12-week course on fighting against diseases.


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