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Cisco will secure smart devices from hacking

Cisco will secure smart devices from hacking

The large manufacturer of network hardware Cisco Systems, Inc. has recently introduced a new solution – IoT Threat Defense. The technology is developed for commercial use, first of all, for factories and healthcare institutions using electronic systems for keeping the information about patients.

IoT Threat Defense’s underlying principle is network segmentation which is realized by Cisco TrustSec. It gives the opportunity to upscale the Internet of Things tracking efficiency of every connected device.

Apart from TrustSec, IoT Threat Defense includes a number of other components with their particular functions. For example, Cisco Stealthwatch analyzes network processes, Cisco ISE performs data visualization, Cisco AMP defends devices from viruses and other threats, Cisco Umbrella guarantees security of cloud services, etc.

As stated in the company’s blog, a new architecture not only provides security for smart devices online but also tracks security of remote access between websites or organizations.

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