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IoT to be subjected to more cyberattacks

IoT to be subjected to more cyberattacks

The reason is simple: absence of effective protection against hacking. Plus there are no opportunities for creating such. The amount of smart devices is increasing; they are working on different platforms and use different standards to connect to the Internet. It is incredibly difficult to foresee all the scenarios while creating protection programs which are vital for software efficiency.

This situation is aggravated by the fact that regulatory authorities do not impose strict requirements on manufacturers regarding information security. As a result, the majority of such devices are vulnerable even to simple viruses.

One of the most large-scale hacker attacks on the Internet took place last year. Criminals were able to get access to smart home devices by creating a huge bot net. It was discovered that many owners of the equipment didn’t change default passwords which made hacking easier.

The last year’s attack didn’t influence systems of the Internet of Things implemented in the infrastructure object but it is possible. It can be proved by a recent situation with WannaCry. The virus attacked only computers with OS Windows but everything was done very quickly. More than 500 000 computers worldwide were affected during 2 days. Such attacks can undermine the credibility of IoT technologies and slow down development of other innovative solutions.

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