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Smart home solutions that would be perfect for your apartment

Smart home solutions that would be perfect for your apartment

It is more common to call the complex of technologies that make your household routine simpler a smart house, not a smart apartment. Indeed, part of these technologies is more likely to be used in a country house: automated lawn watering, outdoor lighting management, and area protection. However, there are many systems that may be used in a usual city apartment. What kind of a tech wonder are they and how do they work? Read in our review!

What is a smart home?

Any automated appliances are thought to be elements of a smart home — from an oven with a timer to an alarm system sending messages. But speaking about the complete system, a smart home is housekeeping with all the systems interconnected and managed from a single control center.

A smart home may comprise any number of systems, two or dozens. The most widespread are lighting, heating, air conditioning, a media center, electronic locks, sensors of smoke, water and gas leakage, a security alarm system. All smart home components are connected through a smartphone application or a computer program. The system can be managed by voice and app commands as well as gestures.

Many smart house programs allow not only tuning the systems, but also creating scenarios. For instance, by choosing an ‘evening scenario’, you increase heating and activate a home cinema while smart light in an apartment remains subdued.

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Smart home components for an apartment

Thinking over a smart home in your apartment, pay attention to the following systems. They will save your time, strength, and money for utility services.

Lighting. It’s pretty convenient to turn the light on and off. Dog-tired after work, you will surely appreciate it. Moreover, the system will automatically manage the light for you in a hall. No extra hours of lighting anymore!

Presence imitation. A smart house can switch on the light every evening of your vacation. Therefore, criminals would not know that there’s nobody home.

Smart things in an apartment: you can make up a cleaning schedule for a robotic vacuum cleaner or set time for a smart coffee maker.

Air conditioning and heating. If an apartment is equipped with individual heating and air conditioners, a smart home will maintain a comfortable temperature.

You can adjust cameras so that they react to movements and automatically shoot a moving object.

Media center. It’s very comfortable to manage television, video, and speakers from a single app. You can also tune room dimming when a display is on: by drawing blinds or light deadening.

Although intelligent systems expose more benefit to a private house, a smart home for an apartment will also be advantageous. It would make life in a megalopolis more comfortable and cozy, save your strength, and prevent unnecessary stress. Of course, it would also take care of your safety.

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