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How universities help to develop Internet of Things

How universities help to develop Internet of Things

Universities are a perfect environment for IoT technology development. From one hand, established university communities are the excellent testing areas for checking the efficiency of various developments, and, from the other hand, universities offer the world unique IoT solutions.

Internet of Things and teaching

Various education establishments appreciate the potential of new technologies in a different way. For instance, researchers from the University of Southern California are trying to design new teaching methods using the Internet of Things. Using cognitive modeling methods, they are studying the data of surveillance cameras equipped with sensors, trying to understand deeper the core of the education process and to work out an individual approach to students.

New generation campuses

Some universities use Internet of Things technologies to improve their inner infrastructure and try to establish smart campuses. Such targets create interesting projects.

For example, professors from Case Western Reserve University have developed the concept of a device that is able to collect energy from vibrations occurring during human and car movements. Scientists have already won a grant from the American Department of Energy for further development of their idea.

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University took a different road and designed several unique mobile applications. One of them, Impromptu, automatically switch on services installed on smartphones, when they are required. And the second one connects users to a printer when they photograph it on the smartphone.

University centers for IoT technologies creation and development

Students and lecturers interest to the Interest of Things leads to the creation of new corresponding laboratories and research centers. The IoT Laboratory at the Bonch-Bruevich Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications has been operating since 2012.

Moreover, some universities cooperate with each other to work on projects collaboratively; others help large companies in their developments. For instance, above-mentioned Carnegie Mellon University has joined the Google affiliate program focusing on development of the security platform for various IoT devices interaction.

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