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How the development of the Industrial IoT will affect the efficiency of Russian plants

How the development of the Industrial IoT will affect the efficiency of Russian plants

In the coming years, the Industrial IoT will lead to revolution in the field of production. Vasily Churanov, head of the IIoT Dispatcher project at Stankoservis, explained how the introduction of technologies of Industrial Internet of Things can affect the performance of the Russian plants.

At the moment, the development of the Russian economy is significantly inhibited due to the low productivity of labor in factories. The transition to digital production model will help to solve this problem.

What is digital production? In the first place, it is the unification of all enterprise objects into a single network that can manage their work through up-to-date software. The innovative equipment enables you to collect, process and analyze data from different devices. This will help the senior executives of the plants to make relevant management decisions and adopt more efficient production business models.

Thus, in order to make domestic factories smarter it is required to implement an automated package of software and hardware, which can combine all plant equipment and workplaces into a single network.

An example of such a complex already exists. Vasily Churanov’s company has developed a "Dispatcher" system, which provides continuous monitoring of machines operation and processes the received data. The introduction of this system leads to reduction in the duration of the production cycle and more efficient loading of work equipment, which in the long term will lead to resources saving and an increase in production capacity. 

How the development of the Industrial IoT will affect the efficiency of Russian plants

Moreover, Dispatcher is just the first step on the way to the Industrial Internet of Things. It provides management with a large volume of useful information (machines operation status, what kind of work is currently being carried out by a particular worker, etc.), but it is still not enough to significantly improve the economic efficiency.

According to Vasily Churanov, Russia is still far from understanding the true possibilities of the IIoT technologies, so before Industry 4.0 is fully introduced here, the country needs to go through a long path of production restructuring. We should also take into consideration that domestic enterprises have a huge potential. Generally, the loading of equipment at the Russian plants does not exceed 50%. The IIoT solutions will allow to use the reserves of effective production capacities, as well as minimize the risk of accidents, save on equipment maintenance and increase the predictability of industrial systems. In turn, the new equipment will require more qualified workers.

According to the expert, in 15 years the world profit from the development of industrial technologies of the Internet of Things will reach approximately $ 14 trillion. Hopefully, a significant part of the amount will fall within the Russian economy. 

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