September 25, 2018 / Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

Ivan Zapolsky to speak about advantages of frameworks for IoT solutions

Ivan Zapolsky to speak about advantages of frameworks for IoT solutions

Are frameworks efficient when building IoT solutions or is it more beneficial to develop ecosystems from scratch? Ivan Zapolsky will discuss the topic at the IoT Conference. The company develops IoT solutions based on its own RIC platform.

Ivan Zapolsky is a co-founder and director of marketing at Rightech. The company was founded in 2016 and RIC is the first IoT platform registered in Russia.

Rightech aims to make the Internet of Things technology accessible for everyone. The company developed a platform with the graphical user interface that allows users to manage the project without the knowledge of programing languages and technical details of IoT system operation.

Ivan Zapolsky, chief marketing officer at Rightech, will share practical experience accumulated in the process of analyzing the IoT industry. The topic of the speaker’s presentation is “Conveyer or manufactory in IoT. Relevance of using the IoT platform”.

Main points:

  • why IoT uses vertical solutions to its detriment;
  • advantages of using frameworks when building an IoT solution;
  • real case studies and obtained benefits from using frameworks;
  • platform approach when building a smart city and businesses in a single smart city ecosystem.

Learn more about the first Russian IoT platform and how it can be used in business. Looking forward to meet you at the IoT Conference held at Sokolniki!


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