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IoT bra by Reebok and challenges of telemedicine: news digest of the IoT industry of the week

IoT bra by Reebok and challenges of telemedicine: news digest of the IoT industry of the week

Why do physicians of the telemedicine sector experience heavy stress and how will the Chinese smart industry change in the short-term? Read in our weekly news digest of the IoT field.

Physicians of the telemedicine sector experience heavy stress

Doctors that consult patients remotely often experience fright and discomfort. EurekAlert! Company has researched problems faced by doctors that provide telemedicine services in Israel.

Remote communication sessions with patients are unusual and uncomfortable for most of physicians due to the impossibility to examine a person physically. One fourth of all visits to an Israeli pediatric clinic accounts for telemedicine counselling. In the future, the problem can be solved by training professionals that will master special skills required to work in the telemedicine.

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Rostec will maintain the intelligence transport system of Moscow

Tender for the maintenance of smart roads in the Russian capital was won by Shvabe-Moscow LLC. This subdivision of Rostec will be supporting the operation of the intelligence transport system in the city for five years. The project is estimated at more than 17 billion rubles.

Under the agreement, the contractor will be fully responsible for the replacement of equipment and organization of the emergency order taking service. Shvabe agrees to maintain the equipment, including 3,700 traffic-monitoring sensors, 2,500 traffic lights, 236 road boards, etc. The contractor will start handling the smart transport system of Moscow this autumn.

A smart bracelet tracks heart activity using a blood test

Scientists of Rutgers University in New Brunswick developed an analog of Fitbit smart bracelet. The smart device uses a biosensor and can precisely define the level of muscular and heart activity.

The new device can boast high accuracy and multi-functionality. It consists of a biosensor and a printed circuit, is equipped with a thin device for blood sample collection. Test results are sent to the smartphone wirelessly. Developers state that the new smart bracelet will help to diagnose cancer at early stages.

Infineon and Alibaba will jointly develop IoT in China

German Infineon Technologies AG and Chinese Alibaba Cloud Computing Company signed an agreement to combine their efforts in the promotion of the Internet of Things in China. Sectors that companies will be focusing attention on include smart cities and smart manufacturing.

To realize the project, specialists will take on the development based on Alibaba OS – AliOS Things. They plan to offer the end product to manufacturing facilities, representatives of small and medium businesses. In addition, the German chip maker will promote its technologies and services in the Chinese market through Alibaba platform.

Reebok developed a sports bra using space technologies

Famous manufacturer of sports clothes created a new bra capable of changing its rigidity depending on the intensity of loads. It uses the technology applicable to manufacture NASA space suits.

The novelty is called PureMove, its development started three years ago, and now readymade products are available in the market. The fabric of the sports bra contains gel-like substance based on dilatant fluid. When the physical loading is high, the smart bra tightens providing more compression.

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