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Internet of Things in Russia. Examples

Internet of Things in Russia. Examples

Russian IoT products are usually developed in the fields of transport and retail. However, the results of the PwC research show that 2018 promises to bring many new smart inventions to the Russian market.

Let’s overview the examples of the IoT technology that are changing lives of the Russian people right now.

1. Smart city by Yandex.Probki

One of the brightest examples of a smart city is Yandex.Probki. The service collects and analyzes data arrays about traffic congestion from drivers’ devices, automatically building by-pass routes.

It would be hard to handle such volumes of data manually, but the aggregator delivers results of calculations almost instantly.

2. Smart transport by Platon

Platon represents the Internet of Things, whose examples are quite widespread all over the world. In fact, this system automatically charges fees for the transit of trucks weighing more than 12 tons.

According to the data of the State Automobile Inspectorate, around 6 million trucks versus 44 million passenger cars were registered in late 2016. Platon saves highways from overload and helps inspectors to control transportation of heavy dangerous cargos nearby passenger vehicles.

3. M2M monitoring by Megafon

M2M (Machine-to-machine) is a technology for exchanging information between devices through a network. Megafon manages the second largest fleet of M2M devices in the Russian Federation – around 35% of the operator’s M2M cards are available in Russia.

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Using Megafon M2M, one can remotely control the work capacity of equipment; manage the overspending of funds on the communication between devices, and many other things.

4. Smart house by Ivideon

Ivideon is an international company of Russian origin that develops a corporate camera network for smart houses.

Ivideon can be used as a security system, but largely, it is a convenient tool that allows parents to keep an eye on kids, and managers – to monitor how employees work.

5. Robots and Internet of Things: examples from X-turion

X-turion is the Russian technology startup that develops mobile robots with a developed navigation system intended to monitor flats, country houses, and office premises. The project appeared in the middle of 2012, and obtained a grant from Skolkovo Foundation as a winner of the Russian Robotics Challenge in 2014.

The robot can be also used as a linking device for other gadgets of the smart house such as sensors, electrical outlets, valves, lamps, etc. It is supposed that the next versions of the robot will take on the control over the whole system.

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