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Import substitution: new RTOS for Internet of Things - MACS

Import substitution: new RTOS for Internet of Things - MACS

One of the creators of the real-time operating system MACS Pavel Loktev from AstroSoft will talk about the possibilities of its application in the IoT sector.

AstroSoft has been developing software since 1991. Recently, the company's own development, MACS operating system, became a finalist of the contest The Best Innovative Product.

In the report “Russian MACS RTOS for the Internet of Things”, Pavel Loktev will cover the following issues:

  • main problems of organizing IoT networks;
  • pros and cons of network building using mesh technologies;
  • acceleration of IoT networks operation using the MACS RTOS.

At AstroSoft, Pavel Loktev is working on the development of key competencies in the field of system software.

Learn more about the MACS RTOS and the application of Russian technologies in the IoT sector at the international forum Internet of Things, which will be held between October 31 and November 1 in Sokolniki ECC, pavilion 7A. You will be able to enjoy many interesting reports and activities, exhibition area and much more.

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