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Top manager at Lighting Technologies to tell whether Russian authorities are ready to build smart cities

Top manager at Lighting Technologies to tell whether Russian authorities are ready to build smart cities

Smart lighting is on the brink of entering our everyday life: top manager at Lighting Technologies Vitaly Bogdanov ensures the readiness of citizens and local authorities for this change. According to the interview to the IoT Conference press service, his company currently implements Smart Lighting solutions. However, the sky’s the limit. In the nearest future, they intend to develop and introduce Smart City concepts based on street lighting.

Interviewer: IoT Conference (IoTC)

Speaker: Vitaly Bogdanov, Vice President of Strategy and Development at IGC Lighting Technologies, LLC Vitaly Bogdanov (V.B.)

IoTC: Why did the company choose smart lighting?

V.B.: Lighting Technologies is a leader on the Russian lighting market. No wonder that we pay much attention to cutting-edge trends and try to find new marketplaces, particularly in related segments.

The general tendency shows the annual lighting market grow by approximately 5% (in Russia and across the globe) while the smart lighting market shows 20–25%. The choice is obvious. Besides, dealing with smart lighting, we get engaged in the Internet of Things. So, our company has to work out the ways of integration with other systems and find our market niche.

IoTC: Tell us please about your smart lighting products.

V.B.: It’s not necessary to explain simple solutions for lighting management since everybody understands the basic elementary aspects. Our company is currently more interested in complex and advanced ones. For example, let’s take a look at the systems for Smart City that are based on the physical infrastructure of the urban lighting network operating on LoRaWAN or NB-IoT protocols. We now have a fully-developed complex as well as pilot projects in Moscow, Perm, Vladimir and Ryazan Oblasts. The market is thriving, and large-scale implementation of the idea will translate into reality in the nearest 2-3 years.

Our company has also developed solutions for Smart Industry или Smart Retail. The former implies the infrastructure for data collection from technological equipment and industrial automation sensors based on the network of smart light fixtures. The latter implicates the use of light fixtures to collect data basing on consumer behavior that is highly appreciated by retailers. Lighting pioneered smart technologies introduction in utilities. It is everywhere and always connected to a power supply, which unveils unique possibilities to elaborate practical and reasonable IoT solutions.

IoTC: Do you investigate other solutions in the sphere of the Internet of Things and Smart City? What concepts and whose ideas inspire you?

V.B.: Of course, we draw ideas from global leaders. For example, Philips and Zumtobel.

Philips Lighting moved to smart lighting and IoT, changed its name to Signify, and now describes oneself as an IoT solutions and services supplier. However, there’s a lack of practical fulfillment of the projects: the developers talk much about them, implement pilot schemes, try new business models but the real breakthrough is yet to happen. In this respect, we are in the same league with our colleagues from the West.

On the other hand, we are inspired by the companies like Yandex that work on the development of their platform embracing new spheres. That’s a right example of the good use of the great customer base and competence in data-related work. This is half the battle in the world’s future.

IoTC: At IoT Conference, you plan to tell about the Smart City concept based on the lighting system. Does your company have an experience in implementing such projects?

V.B.: Yes, our company can present own pilot projects. We currently work on the large-scale projects estimated at hundreds of millions of rubles. The market is ready, local authorities are ready, and so are we.

IoTC: What will your presentation be mainly focused on: technical (installation, parameters) or economical (budgets, sales) aspects? In other words, what is your target audience (developers, investors, businessmen)?

V.B.: The presentation is focused on the economy and the possibilities of using our system for a wide range of Smart City services. If you like, it’s a partnership offer.

Such services are an opportunity to enhance the urban environment and provide residents with residents. We believe that the future belongs to smart cities!

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