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Google will build the global most technologically advanced city in Canada

Google will build the global most technologically advanced city in Canada

A new Toronto district is being designed by Sidewalk Labs, a part of Google-Alphabet. As reported by the company representatives, this would be the most technologically advanced and innovative place across the globe – a completely new smart district packed with all cutting-edge solutions for smart cities.

This project is Google first experience in designing hi tech cities. In terms of the experiment, Sidewalk Labs was allowed to conduct building works on 12-acre land with the possibility of extension to 800 acres. The land along the Western Ontario shore will serve a territory for the so-called the district of the future. Representatives of Google Canada promised to establish the central office there as soon as the district is built.

First of all, citizens of the district of the future will do without cars. Instead, there will be driverless electric buses and wide infrastructure of heated cycle lanes. Also, there will be adaptive traffic lights, module houses, and the network of underground tunnels designed for robots and drones serving as deliverymen.

As counted by the Sidewalk Labs specialists, the total cost of the project would reach $1b. Currently, at the developing stage of the project, more than $50 m has been invested.


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