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Living in smart house: how IoT technologies change apartments

Living in smart house: how IoT technologies change apartments

The Internet of Things technologies are actively developing, and today smart houses are not a novelty anymore. The system of smart dwelling is used in any apartments, regardless of the area and year of its construction. Let’s figure out what opportunities smart home offers and how you can easily manage your apartment.

Smart home system in apartments

Smart home is a set of solutions that allow you to automate electrical equipment in the apartment. By installing such a system, residents can manage any devices and independently control lighting, heating, air conditioning, video surveillance and other processes.

Smart apartment capabilities

Sensors installed in a smart apartment increase safety and comfort of residents in various ways.

Temperature control

Smart homo system can easily control air conditioners and ventilation. For each room, you can select a temperature mode to be maintained by default. The equipment turns on and off on its own: all you need is to set certain settings.

Security Management

Owners of smart apartments control door locks remotely, so that they are always sure that the of doors are closed when they are absent.

In addition, sensors monitor the safety of the apartment from the inside: they monitor the condition of electrical equipment and can eliminate gas leaks, fires or short circuits.

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Lighting control in smart apartment

In a smart apartment, you can adjust lighting in various ways. To customize the individual lighting in each room, residents create certain scenarios, for example, ‘morning’, ‘evening’, ‘cinema’ or ‘office’.

Lighting can be adjusted in such a way that the luminaires will react to the time of day themselves: in the evening, the lighting will be subdued and comfortable, and it will also turn off in the room when the child falls asleep.

In addition, sensors of presence may be installed in the apartment: they turn on the light, if person enters the room. Sensors don’t react to the movement of pets, thus saving the energy.

There are also such functions as complete turning off of light in the apartment or switching on the light in the garage: it can be launched using a smartphone, when user approaches the house.

Moreover, the system can simulate the presence in the house, when owners leave for a long time: in the evenings smart lamps will be switched on independently.

The smart home system offers a variety of solutions for the comfort and safety of residents, as well as saves energy.

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