September 25, 2018 / Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

Gadgets for Olympic Games

Gadgets for Olympic Games

The Olympic Games started on August 5. Technologies allow following all impressive events.  

1. Visa payment ring

Gadgets for Olympic Games  - 1

VISA, the major partner of the Olympic Games, decided to simplify payment method and launched ring with NFC chips. To pay an account, one should put it to a scanner. NFC credit cards are not news any more, but no one has previously thought of installing chips into rings.       

2. Protection from bacteria in swimsuit and swimtrunks    

Gadgets for Olympic Games  - 2

Specialists from Philadelphia University issued swimming suits for swimmers with protection from bacteria. After the Olympics they will definitely be in bulk selling.    

3. Smart glasses for bicyclers 

Gadgets for Olympic Games  - 3

Augmented reality glasses for bicyclers were made by Solos. A mini screen shows information from biosensors (pulse and other characteristics) and bicycle (speed, pace etc.).        

4. Improved air shape by Nike  

Gadgets for Olympic Games  - 4

Nike decided to help runners overcoming air resistance. Clothes were made with AeroSwift technology, which rounded elements allow air flowing freer. And AeroBlades technology was in-built into textiles, wrapping around hands and legs.         

5. Smart bracelets, predicting traumas 

Gadgets for Olympic Games  - 5

Extremely-precise Whoop Strap 2.0 smart bracelet for athletes analyzes information and predicts traumas. It prevents from overdoing during trainings.        

6. Headphones for brain   

Gadgets for Olympic Games  - 6

Halo Sport headphones send signals into the brain for better muscle work. They have been developed in Halo Neuroscience and runner Michael Tinsley has been already using them for trainings.



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