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IIDF and Innopolis are to create unique testing area for IoT developments

IIDF and Innopolis are to create unique testing area for IoT developments

The Internet Initiatives Development Fund and Innopolis senior executives are launching a co-project focusing on IoT technologies development. Specialists are going to establish a unique cross-industry area where startup companies and separate developers will be able to test their IoT solutions. According to IIDF staff, the fund is going to invest 500 million rubles in this project. 

Nowadays, the Internet of things industry is of huge interest to both investors and developers. According to IDC analysts, in 2020 the IoT market volume will be 7.1 trillion dollars, and according to Gartner report, around 25 billion things will be connected to the Internet in four years. Today the Internet of things allows to optimize logistics, reduce costs for useful resource consumption, provide security etc., which is extensively used by progressive companies. 

Russia also joined the world racing of IoT technologies development and implementation. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Trade requested IIDF to design the Internet of things development plan in the Russian Federation. And currently the fund is beginning to implement the pre-established strategy: particularly, investing in startups offering IoT solutions. 

IIDF representatives reported that teams offering smart city IoT technologies will be the first to test their developments at the testing area. If the startups’ ideas appear to be prospective, the fund will invest additional costs for their implementation. 

At the moment, pilot IoT projects formation is conducted in various areas: smart city, MIoT or industrial Internet of things, medicine etc.

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