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What do you know about artificial intelligence in Russia? 5 useful domestic projects

What do you know about artificial intelligence in Russia? 5 useful domestic projects

Artificial intelligence technologies are actively developing all around the world, and many of them are becoming really famous. However, few people are interested in what the domestic developers in this industry achieved, and they also have some stuff to brag about.

Deep Systems

The company was originally created as a business solution developer based on artificial intelligence. However, its most famous product is system, a program that will choose a movie for you. The concept is quite simple: user enters the system, clicks on several movies and the system gives recommendations according to the given mood.

It’s based on a TensorFlow neural network. This self-learning system adapts to people’s preferences on the go, in real time, and thus solves one of the most global issues of all mankind, which rises every weekend - what to watch tonight?


The Cezurity team developed an intelligent security system that monitors the slightest changes in the system in real time, classifies them and immediately reacts if it detects signs of an attack.

All data collected by the system is placed in a database, where artificial intelligence analyzes it and learns, becoming a more effective tool for danger recognition. To date, the technology works as a free service for detecting virus-infections, Cezurity Scanner, which among others provides security for the VKontakte system.

Daily Work

The Russian company Daily Work used artificial intelligence to improve a fairly standard service – search system for people to preform different tasks. In addition to the standard settings set that allows you to specify the search query, Daily Work is able to find performers by using a neural network with a simple voice command, for example, you can say "Daily, I need the faucet fixed" and the system will find people providing plumbing services in your area.

Today, 35,000 performers are registered in the Daily Work database.


Jane is a personalized medicine service, an area developing as actively as the AI. System analyzes all the data provided by the user, highlights individual characteristics of the organism, the main trends and patterns in health changes and calculates the probability of having a particular disease.

At the beginning, Jane was created to help diagnosticians whose work it significantly accelerates. In addition, it is able to adjust the treatment program, monitor side effects and predict further course of the disease.


The Conundrum company works in the field of consulting and has Kaspersky Lab and Moscow City Government among its clients. However, one of the most famous company developments based on AI is rather a medical than business technology. It is designed to analyze skin condition by a macrograph and is able to tell biological age, fat percentage, allergies - all aspects of the skin condition, up to the body area in the picture. A program is meant to optimize the diagnostics process.


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